MRA Round 1 at Pikes Peak Int'l Raceway; May 5-6, 2018

Had a GREAT weekend overall. Got my second podium, and placed well with the experts in the Amateur classes. I also nearly tied my lap record from last year (1:01.866 vs 1:01.859). My bike feels so much better with the new fuel and throttle maps (thanks to Mike @ Quikcycles for the dyno work!), and after switching to Pirelli tires, I'm feeling much more confident with the rear in corners; they're much more predictable than I'm used to.

Saturday, Novice GTU

What a shitshow... Race was red-flagged TWICE due to rider crashes. The first red flag was within the first lap. The second was after 2 more. I took the holeshot on all three starts (starting from the second row for the first two, and the first row for the final start). However, each time by turn 3, #808 Dan Spurlock got past me and took off. I maintained 2nd place for the remainder of the race, finishing 7.4 seconds behind Dan. My first 2nd place finish and second podium overall!

Saturday, Novice GTO

I missed NovU like an idiot. I wasn't paying attention to the announcer calls (not that I could hear them very well from my pit anyway). I had just put on my rear wheel after getting the tire flipped and noticed a bunch of novices going out. By that time I had realized they had just made third call for NovU, but it was too late. My tires were cold, I was not suited up, and they were at pre-grid. I decided to not rush trying to get on the track; instead I prepared myself for Middleweight Endurance.

Saturday, Middleweight Endurance

This was my first 30-minute endurance race (though it was abbreviated to only 20 minutes). It was fun! I started in the fifth row, and had a decent start, securing 10th place by turn 3. After a brief run in 9th, I ended up finishing 10th overall. I was tired, but I had a great time! Given the length of the race and my relatively poor endurance, my lap times were a bit all over the place, ranging from 1:06.652 to 102.580.

Sun, Amateur GTU

Started in the fifth row (13th place), got up in the top 10 by turn 1. By turn 3 I had gained 8th place. After a little position flux at the end of the first lap, I started a short lived, but fun battle with #601 Matt Sizairik, securing 7th place by the end of the second lap. I finished in 7th place, 18 seconds behind #110 Nick Caplan and only 0.7 seconds ahead of #301 Joseph O'Donnell. I ran a VERY consistent race, running 1:03's for every lap (all within 0.6 seconds of each other).

Sunday, Amateur GTO

Starting from the outside of the fifth row, I had a great start, pushing up to 5th place by turn 2. I dropped to 6th on the back straight because, like a dummy, I forgot I was in third gear and hit the rev limiter for a second before realizing I needed to be in fourth gear... I managed to keep pace with the second group of the field, posting my best lap times of the weekend (mostly 1:02's with a few 1:01's thrown in). I finished in 8th place, 2.3 seconds behind #808 Dan Spurlock.